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Guangdong Kenflo pumping industry Limited by Share Ltd

Service satisfaction questionnaire

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Respectable user friend:
Thank you for using our products and services. We have been working hard to provide better products and services. Continuous improvement needs your help. We sincerely invite you to take the time to participate in the questionnaire. Please make an objective evaluation of the real perception of the purchase / installation / use / maintenance process. Any comments and suggestions are an inexhaustible motive and valuable wealth for the development of Kunflo.
For your personal data, we will keep it secret. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
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The purpose of your company to buy products is:

What kind of ways have you learned about Kenflo(Foshan water pump factory):

When did you start buying the products of "Kenflo"

The types of products that you buy "Kenflo" are (optional):

What are the most concerned factors in purchasing pump products?

The main reasons for your company to adopt "Kenflo" products are:

Your evaluation of the technology level of "Kenflo" is:

What are your most satisfied with "Kenflo" products or services?

What is the most important aspect of the product or service that can be improved?

How satisfied are you with the technology and services of Kenflo?

Which aspect do you think we need to improve?

Which aspect of the product can you pay more attention to?

What are the technical problems in your production process that can be solved through product and service means?

What are your opinions or suggestions about our company's products?

Please download the file for a survey Click to download the survey roll
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