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Centrifugal pump series
  • KPP chemical process pump unit

KPP chemical process pump unit

Category:Centrifugal pump series

Brief introduction:KPP chemical process pump is a OH2 type chemical process pump product designed according to API610 specification.

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  • Product introduction
First、Product introduction
KPP chemical process pump is a OH2 type chemical process pump product designed according to API610 specification.

Second、Product features
1、The products are single stage horizontal radial split double volute structure, middle support, axial suction, radial discharge, and capacity storage tank design.
2、The pressure rating of the shell and flange is 4MPa, (the American flange is 5.0MPa), and the pressure test pressure is 7.5MPa.
3、A reliable rotor loosening device;
4、Smaller cantilever ratio, effectively reducing the deflection;
5、The design of the pump cover to improve the wear resistance;
6、The oil cooler can realize the uniform cooling of the bearing.
7、The main material is made up of API standard material: carbon steel, 12% chrome steel, austenitic stainless steel and dual phase stainless steel. The shaft seal design conforms to the API682 standard, the supporting long type diaphragm coupling and the steel base with the liquid tank.
8、Production license products

Third、Technical parameter
Medium temperature:-70℃~+450℃

Forth、Application area
It is suitable for transporting liquids at low temperature, high temperature, high pressure, inflammable, explosive, toxic, easy to crystallize and corrosive。 It is mainly used in refining, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, low temperature engineering, chemical industry, seawater desalination, marine industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc。

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